Anita's House - El Chaltén - Patagonia - Argentina

Av. San Martín 249 - El Chaltén 
CP 9301 - Provincia de Santa Cruz 
Patagonia Argentina 
Tel: + 54 - 2962-493288 
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To have in mind

Something very important to consider is that in El Chalten there are no banks and very few places accept credit cards.
Clothes: trekking footwear, rain and wind jacket, a warm coat, gloves, warm cap, solar protection, sun glasses. It is not recommended to walk with jeans (we never know what the climate will be, better come warm enough). A good tip is to go out with a small bag each one so as to share weight with the snacks, clothes, drinks, etc.
You will be needing snacks to take to the walks and tours since there are no places to buy food while out of town.
The water is totally drinkable and you can drink it at town as well as from the streams at the mountains.
All private transfers, buses to Chaltén, Calafate and Ruta 40, as well as the tours can be hired form Anita's House. During high season - from December to February - if you know in advanced dates and tours you would like to make, is better to hire the services with anticipation to insurance availability of places.
In case of further information or assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.